Making Work From Home… Work

This COVID19 pandemic will force a lot companies in the world adapt a Work From Home (WFH) set up. What looks like a luxury, is in reality not a vacation. It can be a more challenging way to work if not properly done.

Home is our comfort zone. It is where we lie down, and do pretty much everything and nothing. It brings in a different skill set where one can binge watch a 17-episode Netflix series in just one sitting. It is also the place where our children and our pets do their own business. This being said, here are some important tips on how to make WFH – Work for you.  

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Stick to a Schedule

Have a routine, and try you’re very best to stick to it. Everyone has their own productive time. Some are morning persons while others are night owls. The key here is to go about with your normal preparation. Exercise, eat breakfast, take a bath and get dressed in real clothes. Doing so will get you prepared for the work day (or night) ahead. It sets your mind to work mode.

It’s also easy to lose track of time while working from home. Make sure to end your work on a specific time daily as you would in your office. 

Home Office
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Dedicate a Work Space

Do work in a separate room that’s not your bedroom or couch. Avoid using a La-Z-Boy type cushy chair when working as it will definitely do more to snooze you up than make you productive. If you don’t have a separate room use your dining table or any surface where you can have good seating posture. Make sure that all your important hardware like a laptop, phone and internet connection is in place. Use this space only for work. A work mindset is what you want to have here.

Know the Rules
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Set Rules

Got Kids? Pets? Or Both? Set rules and make arrangements with your family on the Do’s and Don’ts while you’re working. This may also mean taking shifts within the day to accommodate everyone in your schedule. If there are household chores, make sure you divide them accordingly to everyone. Do chores only before or after work time. 

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Minimize Distractions

Turn off that TV! While working, turnoff every other unnecessary notification from non-work apps. Work in a quiet space. If that’s not possible, use a noise cancelling headset.

Fight the urge to multitask, it’s also one form of distraction. Stick to a to-do list. Prioritize your tasks and start with the most urgent and important ones. Schedule checking your email and quit trying to answer it every time a new one comes in. It’s fine to get a few minutes of snack. Just don’t let that few minutes pile up into a news feed binge.

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Take a Break Time

Schedule your breaks as you would in your office. Sitting for prolonged time isn’t healthy. Make sure to stand up, move around and stretch.

You also have gained a lot of time not commuting to work. You may want to use this free time to go exercise. It’s not just a healthy use of time, it should also give you an energy boost throughout the day.

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Communicate and Socialize with Workmates

Don’t forget that you are still part of an company. Send a message to your superior or team mates. Socialize as you would in an office set up.

Nurture your relationship with your business partners. Schedule a lunch out with a colleague or an afternoon coffee with your boss. Get some fresh air outside.

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File a Sick Leave

Not feeling 100%? File a sick leave. It’s useless to try to work from home if you’re sick. Colleagues and superiors would still be expecting some form of productivity from you, and you’ll just make it worse if you try to work. Take a rest.

Macbook and iPad
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Invest in Equipment and a Reliable Connection

Meetings are an inevitable part of workplace, work from home is no exception. Get the job done by getting a fast and reliable connection.

Invest in a good quality laptop that will suit your work requirements. Don’t scrimp on your budget and buy that mouse. It will make your life a lot easier. Make sure that your work area is well lit, get a desk lamp to help your night shifts. Failing to get these basics will definitely limit your capacity to be productive from home.

Finally, always remember your deliverable. If you can do it in half a day, then by all means do it. Take advantage of this opportunity. Focus on squeezing as much productivity from your scheduled shift. Build an effective habit. If companies see that a WFH set up is more productive, then it might just stay for good.

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Javin Balugay is an sales and marketing executive with more than 12 years experience in the Philippine Automotive Industry. He is one of a few automotive executives that has experienced working in distributor and dealer operations.

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