14 Favorite Lines of our Angry Mothers

We love our Filipino Mothers. We also love their lines whenever they are angry and are trying to instill discipline on us. Whatever their basis for these lines, they’ve always said it with love (or contempt) in their hearts. Here are some popular #LinyahanNiNanay

  1. Obvios po ba?
Anak ka Talaga ng Tatay Mo
Isabelle Laureta / Buzzfeed

2. Kasi nakakatakot po kayo…?

O, Bakit di ka makasagot?
Isabelle Laureta / Buzzfeed

3. Kapag sumagot ka…

Aba, Sumasagot ka na?
Isabelle Laureta / Buzzfeed

4. Hindi na nga po. Last na lang.

Isa pa ha!
Isabelle Laureta / Buzzfeed

5. Bakit po Maria Teresa Reyes Dela Cruz?

Full Name
Isabelle Laureta / Buzzfeed

6. Pang Project nga po ang hinihingi ko.

Hindi ako nagtatae ng pera
Isabelle Laureta / Buzzfeed

7. Sige po, maglalakad na lang po ako pauwi.

Piso lang baon ko noon
Isabelle Laureta / Buzzfeed

8. Hawak nyo po ang ATM ni Tatay.

Mabuti pa katulong
Isabelle Laureta / Buzzfeed

9. Diyan lang po sa kanto. Papahangin lang.

Gabing gabi na
Isabelle Laureta / Buzzfeed

10. San po kayo galing?

Papunta ka pa lang, pabalik na ako
Isabelle Laureta / Buzzfeed

11. Nay! Hindi ko nga po manahap!

Mata ang ginagamit sa paghahanap
Isabelle Laureta / Buzzfeed

12. Naghahanap na nga po.

Kapag yan nakita ko
Isabelle Laureta / Buzzfeed

13. Malamang sa kangkungan ang bagsak ko nito.

San na kayo pupulutin?
Isabelle Laureta / Buzzfeed

14. At syempre, kapag may kahit ano masakit sayo…

Ayan kakakompyuter mo
Isabelle Laureta / Buzzfeed

Kahit anong mangyari, Love ka namin Nanay! Salamat po sa iyong alaga at pagmamahal.

Happy Mother's Day!

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This post was adapted from the original post by Isabelle Laureta of Buzzfeed.

Published by Javin Balugay

Javin Balugay is an sales and marketing executive with more than 12 years experience in the Philippine Automotive Industry. He is one of a few automotive executives that has experienced working in distributor and dealer operations.

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